Techniques Used

Webster Technique

Regular adjustments throughout pregnancy and right up until birth may help create a safer and easier birth for mom and baby. The Webster Technique helps realign the sacrum which may relieve the pull that creates tension in the uterus. This adjustment is very comfortable and safe.

Specific Prone

The "Specific Prone" technique is a safe, and comfortable technique that helps to promote healing of the body in the gentlest way possible. Dr Khanh adjusts specific vertebrae that need to be adjusted, as opposed to adjusting the entire spine.

Diversified Technique

The "Diversified" technique helps restore spinal alignment, repair joint dysfunction, and enhance proper movement due to Musculoskeletal disorders, Migraines and headaches, and pregnancy.

Extremity Care

Chiropractic care is a wonderful way to help keep your arms, legs, hands and feet healthy, and help you recover from injuries.


At Enlightened Chiropractic, Dr. Khanh uses several different chiropractic techniques, including the SOT technique which can correct spinal mechanics that result in nerve problems and help treat Tinnitus, ear infections, back pain, and TMJ.

Upper Cervical

Dr. Khanh focuses on adjusting the upper neck area in order to determine where a misalignment is in the spine so that the body and brain can better communicate to allow the body to work at its best!

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Our Mission

At Enlightened Chiropractic, we strive to treat our patients with loving service as our first technique. Our mission and goal is to help our community live at their highest levels by educating and restoring optimal health through Specific Chiropractic Adjustments.